Actionable Intelligence



Actionable Intelligence


Initiative, Instinct, and Intellect.

The modern investigator is equal parts traditional gumshoe and cutting edge forensic technician.
At Audemus, all our investigators are involved in a rigorous training program designed around ethics, analytical reasoning, and forensic procedure. All designed to get our investigators equally capable of spending countless hours on a stakeout waiting for the perfect incriminating picture or sifting through terabytes of data in the digital forensic lab.

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Private Investigations

Our private clients have come to expect fast service from Audemus.  This is because our investigators do not use the traditional linear law enforcement investigative model, but rather the much more dynamic military intelligence cycle. Get answers to your questions fast!

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LEgal Research & Litigation Support

Our attorney clients expect top notch legal research and litigation support from Audemus.  This is due to the fact that Audemus employs its own attorneys with experience in civil litigation, criminal defense, family law, and most recently, E-Discovery. Don't hire multiple experts when Audemus alone will do!

Business intelligence services

Our corporate clients are pragmatic and results oriented, which is why they prefer Audemus.  It doesn't matter whether it is a simple preemployment background screening or a highly complex intellectual property dispute, Audemus' commitment to speed, accuracy, and discretion are all advantageous not to mention our extensive subject matter expert network.  Transform your business, limit your liability, and expand your bottom line by strategically utilizing Audemus!