Complex Threat Mitigation



Complex Threat Mitigation


threat and vulnerability assessments

Audemus conducts assessments to forecast potential problems for individuals, attorneys, and companies. Whether it an ex who doesn't want to accept the relationship is over or due diligence on a multimillion dollar commercial venture, Audemus will identify vulnerabilities and make recommendations to mitigate.

crisis management

Most people go through life without running into a problem they can't solve, Audemus isn't here for them. Audemus is here for you and we are only a short phone call away from getting to work on your problem. 

corporate game theory

Audemus is composed of trained strategic thinkers used to conflict; whether it is in war, business, or court.  Let our tough analytical problem solvers develop a tactical solution for achieving your desired outcome.

critical infrastructure

In the wake of September 11, 2001, the United States Government created a public/private partnership with companies with resources or within industries critical to national security. Call Audemus today to have our 100% veteran security guard corps on watch tonight.


personnel training solutions

KSA Development is a veteran owned and operated business designed to train basic through advanced skills in marksmanship, emergency medicine, and many other useful "bad day" skill sets.